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    About the company

    Who or what the Clean EcoWorld is?

    The Clean EcoWorld started with the unification of two independently functioning worlds – the ecological beauty industry and the cleaning sector. Professionals with 10 years of experience have joined both ideas, vision and knowledge, targeting at making the world a cleaner place with human-friendly and environmentally-friendly products. Thus, the idea of bringing ecological cleaners to the market, especially for business customers, was born, although the products are also suitable for use at home.

    The standard chemical products have odour which irritates respiratory ways, causes skin irritation and may result in a damage to the central nervous system. The world, however, is moving towards a more and more responsible lifestyle, one of the integral parts of which is the healthier cleaning chemistry.

    Where can the Clean EcoWorld products be used?

    • in offices
    • in kindergartens
    • in schools
    • in SPA centres
    • in hotels
    • in catering facilities
    • in stores
    • at home

    The goal was not just to make ecological cleaning products. The point was to ensure that they would be:

    • produced in Estonia;
    • free of flavouring or colouring agents;
    • manufactured in a responsible manner;
    • in the same price range that ordinary chemicals;
    • also available in the concentrated form.

    Based on these points, specialists who featured the long-term experience began to develop our products, reaching the current formulas. All substances in the product are 100% biodegradable and do not leave a footprint. Compared to conventional products, they are safer for humans because they do not contain oil-based derivatives or colouring and flavouring agents. All our products are safe to use in rooms with babies as adults, elderly or pets.