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    Before you write to us, read the questions below – perhaps there you can find an answer to your question. If you do not find the answer to your question below, write to us on: info@cleanecoworld.ee

    What makes your products so health-friendly?

    The Clean EcoWorld products are not chemicals and do not contain chemical flavouring or colouring agents. The latter are usually needed to hide strong odour of chemical substances and make their colour look more beautiful. Our products are also suitable for use in rooms where infants, children and the elderly stay.

    In addition to being healthy, our products are also environmentally friendly, as the original substances degrade in nature, without burdening nature or causing the pollution.

    Why should I prefer the ecological cleaner?

    Both man and nature are integral. In order to keep your health, you need to pay attention to a lot of things – nutrition, movement, general well-being, etc. The use of conventional chemical cleaners pollutes the air of the room to be cleaned, affects the central nervous system of the human body, causes allergies, and is both burdensome and dangerous to nature.

    Preferring an ecological cleaner keeps your health, the air in the cleaned room – clean of airborne chemicals and does not spoil the environment with non-degradable waste.

    How can the Clean EcoWorld provide ecological products in the same price range with traditional products?

    The price category was a steady preference in our original idea – we knew from the beginning we would like to offer cleaning products that could perfectly clean and be in the same price range with traditional products. We mustn’t forget that differences in prices of conventional chemicals can be multiple and certainly our products do not compete with those offered at the most advantageous prices.

    At the price level, we have considered the importance of the fact that ecological products should not be much more expensive than conventional products. When ecological cleaning products are in the same price range as conventional products, it is easier to make a healthier and more environmentally conscious choice. The money contribution stays the same, but as a bonus, you keep your health and nature.

    Are your products really natural?

    Yes, all our products are really natural, and it is not a sales or marketing trick. We are strict in terms of the naturalness of products and there are no compromises!

    The ingredients of our products are included in the Ecolabel standard. At the moment, the time-consuming application process for Ecolabel certificates for all products is taking place. This gives you even greater confidence that our branded products can be trusted because they are all ecological and clean.

    What does Ecolabel mean?

    To obtain the Ecolabel certificate, one must prove that no harmful substances are used in the production which cannot be covered by the ecological certificate. Before issuing a certificate, the products are thoroughly inspected and, therefore, the end-user can be sure of the purity of the product.

    The Ecolabel is distinguished by several clear principles from other environmental labelling schemes:

    • A product bearing the eco-label meets stringent criteria developed by industry experts.
    • The environmental impact of a product bearing an eco-label has been taken into account throughout the life cycle of the product.
    • The eco-label has been issued by a third party that has assessed the product’s compliance with strict requirements.
    • The use and the application of the eco-label are voluntary.

    Would the cleaning with natural remedies (vinegar, cooking soda, etc.) be still eco-friendly?

    Undoubtedly, these are natural and effective means that work well, especially in the home-based household. However, their activity remains low in public spaces such as schools and kindergartens, offices and SPA centres. You need something more effective with other natural additives.

    What does the company name – the Clean EcoWorld – particularly mean?

    We were convinced that the name of the company should reflect our values, principles and product characteristics.

    • Clean is a symbol of many things – cleanliness of cleaning products and purity as the final result achieved with these products.
    • Ecological (eco) refers to the proximity to nature and purity as well as to ecological origin. Ecological is the opposite of chemical and industrial, and in a larger view it means creating a clean environment and a clean world in an ecological way.
    • World is the right word for our big ambitions – the use of our products both in Estonia and elsewhere in the world.